The European Digital Art and Science Network is a project financed through the Creative Europe Programme of the European Commission. Project coordinator is Ars Electronica from Linz and, in addition to the Centre for the Promotion of Science from Belgrade, other partners are the Science Gallery from Dublin, GV Art from London, LABoral from Gijón, Etopia from Saragossa, Kapelica Gallery from Ljubljana, and DIG Gallery from Košice.


At 2015 Festival Ars Electronica, a distinctive part was the exhibition

“Elements of Art and Science”.


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Art & Science 2016: 7-27. April 2016

07/04, 19.30:

Ceremonial opening


08/04, 16.00:

Panel discussion ”Art & Science & Video @ Europa 2100” (in English)

participants: Gisela Nunes (Portugal), Werner Jauk (Austria), Robert Devčić (Great Britain), Aleksandra Jovanić, Bogdan Stefanović, Slobodan Coba Jovanović

moderator: Dobrivoje Lale Erić


09/04, 13.00:

Master class ”The making of Break the Ice”, Gisela Nunes, and

”Reliability in Digital Art”, Paulo Soares


12/04, 10.00:

Artedu workshop ”3D printing”


14/04, 18.00:

Public guide, Slobodan Coba Jovanović, project’s artistic director


16/04, 13.00:

Artedu workshop ”Imaginary maps”, Aleksandra Jovanić


19/04, 10.00:

Workshop ”3D printing”


21/04, 18.00:

Public guide, Dobrivoje Lale Erić, project’s managing director


26/04, 10.00:

Public guide, Dobrivoje Lale Erić, project’s managing director (in English)


26/04, 11.30:

Workshop ”3D printing”


27/04, 19.00:

Closing event, Movie Theatre, Cultural centre of Belgrade

Architectural SonarWorks live, Cédric Brandilly & Romain Dubois

Quantum Music, LP Duo & Dragan Novković